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Our innovative technology provides effective care management for individuals in their home environment.

Our solution can improve health outcomes, enhance quality of life and reduce costs for individuals with chronic illness or those who have experienced a recent health event.


Remote Patient Management

Real-time transfer of physiologic data combined with data on psychosocial health creates a virtual snapshot of the patient in their home environment.

Pediatric Home Monitoring

Ongoing, remote monitoring provides clinician with multiple physiologic parameters helping to augment care for medically fragile infants when outside the acute care setting.

Chronic Care Management

Connected care framework supports communication and collaboration with both providers and loved ones enabling the individual to remain at home longer and make informed health care decisions.


Senior Care

Heart to Heart™'s competitive advantage is not just providing monitoring, but has developed technology that enables the Care Provider to drive established protocols directly into a dashboard.

Continuous Health Management

We are here to take care of you and to guide you to take the best advantage of our medical devices. Our devices are simple to use, anyone from any age can use them easily.



Patient Centered Approach
Care Management Process
Care coordinator is responsible for monitoring the health status of the enrolled patient and collaborate with the family care givers.
  • Assessment - Facilitates a comprehensive assessment of the individual's level of service need...
  • Coordinated Care Planning and Implementation - The Care-Coordinator ensures that the family care givers are up to date on the individual's health care needs...
  • Access to Information - Regular record of clinical record is available and up to date 24/7...
  • Monitoring - Allows tracking of medical alert and notifies family care providers as necessary...
  • Appropriate and Timely Intervention- Provides alerts, trends and actionable information...


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HeartToHeart™ addresses the deficiencies of the current healthcare system with a connected care framework. We collect a person's daily clinical and behavioral information by integrating medical devices, the person, and the relevant clinicians, researchers, and support communities in a collaborative environment. HeartToHeart™ provides a knowledge-driven technology platform for creating connections and managing health over both distance and time. We move the current episodic, and often unreliable, means of in-person-only health encounters to an ongoing and accurate means for engagement.

Our technology platform translates complex medical knowledge and pervasive mobile technology into a personalized, intelligent patient experience, easily managed by doctors and clinics. The foundation of our platform is its analytic engine that tracks each patient throughout the course of a program and selects appropriate message content that is validated by experts in the field and tailored to the patient's status. The result: targeted, engaging messages that have a real impact on the patient, while generating a wealth of data for the provider and researcher.

Leadership Team


Abhi Ray
MS, MHA, MBA – Chief Executive Officer

Abhi Ray, MS, MHA, MBA – Chief Executive Office

In his current role, he sets the strategic direction, conceptualizes and designs products, and directs the technical team. He has over 20 years of diverse experience in the development and implementation of information technology and has an in-depth understanding of healthcare processes. While working for Cerner, a multi-national company, Abhi demonstrated core competencies in design and development of healthcare solutions, data extraction and analysis. Abhi graduated with MBA degree from Maryville University, St. Louis, holds an MS in Medical Informatics and a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA), from the University of Missouri, Columbia.


Stan Edlavitch
PhD, MA, MS - Chief Scientific Officer

Stan Edlavitch, PhD, MA, MS - Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Edlavitch possesses PhD in Epidemiology, MS in Public Health, and MA in Mathematical Statistics. He is Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri School Of Medicine. His extensive experience in clinical research, and work with large scale studies for pharmaceutical companies is an asset to the organization. His focus is to develop clinical protocol, define systems approach to present vast amount of information in a distilled, easily interpretable manner, so that all parties can identify problems.


John Fitzpatrick
BA - Vice President of Business

John Fitzpatrick, BA - Vice President of Business

John has over 25 years of executive-level experience in healthcare technology companies. His accomplishments include conceiving, developing, negotiating, and closing solutions worldwide. He is responsible for developing and managing a holistic approach to client relationship including business relationship so that associated revenue stream translate into value for both the client and HeartToHeart™. John established Cerner Corporation's presence, strategy, relationships, and branding in multiple world markets as an EHR-based, integrated, population health solution.


John Lewington
Vice President of Global Business

John Lewington Vice President of Global Business

John's business background is in technology-based marketing and stretches from General Motors in the UK to his long-running role as CEO of Datafax in the US. His career also includes significant academic postings, from Director of Management Studies at Harrow College in the UK to business school dean at Maryville University in the US. John will be responsible for developing relationship in international markets particularly United Kingdom.


Dani Wolfe
RN, MHA - Vice President of Operations

Dani Wolfe, RN, MHA - Vice President of Operations

In her current role, she collaborates with the clinical experts to design solutions and develop care protocols for remote monitoring. Her education includes a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Master's Degree in Health Care Administration. She added nursing to her credentials and stepped right into a Nurse Care Manager role for a Healthcare Home Program. She spent more than 20 years on the administrative side of health care serving in Director level positions - including serving as Executive Director for a national non-profit organization. She is experienced in care coordination and managed individuals who had a mental health diagnosis and co-morbid medical condition.


Rich Pusateri
Vice President of Service delivery

Rich Pusateri, Vice President of Service delivery

He has 20+ years experience in technology and customer relationship management. Mr. Pusateri is responsible for delivering HeartToHeart's™ service and building lasting relationship with the customer and users. His past experience includes Management and Information Technology consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Vice President at eLoyalty Corporation and contact center IT management and outsourcing services at Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Mr. Pusateri with broad, cross-sector experience, strategic analysis skills, skills that have facilitated many of the country's most successful companies with their ongoing business planning.


Jerry Haney
Vice President of Strategic Relationship

Jerry Haney Vice President of Strategic Relationship

Mr. Haney or Jerry has more than 30 years leadership experience in health care industry. Jerry authored a book - Making Culture Pay, highlighting the importance and power of effective, high performance workplace cultures. He served as a member of Executive Leadership of Marion Laboratories, and served as the President of Marion Health and Safety.


Debashis Tosh
MD, Medical Director

Debashis Tosh, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Tosh holds Doctor of Medicine, from University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine. He is involved in Neuropsychiatric research at UMKC Neuroscience Tissue Bank. His focus is to translate clinical content into user friendly format for health care consumer, develop solution strategy, develop context aware architecture. He enjoys using his medical knowledge and technical skills contributing to interoperability of health care technology.

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