HeartToHeart’s remote care delivery platform enables patients and healthcare providers to engage for preventive care. The personalized information used by the patients can improve and manage their health.


Remote Health Management

Real-time collection of physiologic data currently reimbursed for Medicare beneficiaries, combined with data on psychosocial health creates a virtual snapshot of patients in their home environment.

Support for Neurological Conditions

Remote health management enables expeditious interventions for greater safety and enhanced quality of life. Clinicians can view status and evaluate progression on a regular basis, formulating responses as needs arise

Remote Health Management

Collect, filter and process both historical and real-time health data, which is blended with clinical protocols and guidelines to enable timely interaction.

Get Paid for Remote Collection of Patient Data

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Receive monthly payments for remote collection of vital data from Medicare beneficiaries. The HeartToHeart platform allows health care providers to engage their patients and loved ones in a meaningful way so they can effectively communicate and coordinate health protocols in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Built around the idea that collaboration is the key to effective health care, HeartToHeart™ strives to bring together all concerned parties to one platform and allow for comprehensive monitoring of their patient and/or loved one.
  • Provides safe, secure and timely access to Personal Health Information. Engages patients, their family and friends.
  • Enables patients and their care support group to collaborate and manage their care effectively.
  • Ensures individuals can live at home.
  • Saves lives and improves care by communicating meaningful information.
  • Brings technology and people together.
  • Ensures that older adults and individuals with chronic disease are actively engaged in their health care.

How We Can Help

  1. Implement billable services
  2. Fulfillment service to deploy and support medical devices
  3. Assist with workflow processes for telehealth
  4. Support collection of vital data from patients
  5. Provide communications modules to manage patients effectively – voice, SMS and email.

Home Monitoring System

Real-time transfer of physiologic data combined with data on psychosocial health creates a virtual snapshot of the patient in their home environment. The data is displayed within patient specific parameters established by the clinician so a caseload of several patients can easily be managed.

Support for Neurological Conditions

Insight and responsiveness to patient conditions

Patients with neurological conditions need special attention as their status is multidimensional and may change between visits to the doctor’s office. This necessitates coordination of services and timely prevention of complications. Because the nature of their conditions can involve progressive loss of function, it is important to be able identify these changes as they are happening and then respond in a meaningful way. HeartToHeart’s ability to anticipate and address complications provides the opportunity to avoid cost and to provide the highest levels of comfort to the patient.

With HeartToHeart, physiological data, such as blood pressure or glucose levels, can be automatically collected through Bluetooth-enabled devices, incorporated and analyzed in real time, and combined with psycho-social data such as pain, dietary habits, and sleep patterns. This ‘data-rich’ environment is processed by an inference engine according to care protocols to detect trends and deviations from standard health patterns noticed in the patient. Easily-read dashboards help clinicians recognize these changes so that they can respond effectively.


Senior Care

Heart to Heart™'s competitive advantage is not just providing monitoring, but has developed technology that enables the Care Provider to drive established protocols directly into a dashboard.

Improving Cognitive Health

As the population ages, many more persons are confronted with loss of function associated with neurological conditions. They and their families worry whether there will be sufficient support for their needs.

Senior Care

Get peace of mind knowing your loved one's care is managed regularly

Customized in-home system for senior care

HeartToHeart™'s goes beyond monitoring to embed protocols directly into a dashboard to be used by the care provider, patient and other interested parties, such as family members. This provides a customized in-home system for senior care.

The system communicates meaningful information at the right time to create engaged and activated patients resulting in better quality of life.



  • Customized in-home system that simplifies your health monitoring routine.
  • Remote monitoring, adhering to patient protocols and making information actionable is our approach.
  • HeartToHeart™ offers the Care Provider the ability to continuously monitor the patient at home. Think of it as an electronic triage.
  • The software identifies exceptions to expected vital results. It allows care providers to spend time on the patients who need it.
  • The patient has a digital hub which allows the clinician to monitor their vital information. The clinician can see a dashboard of which patient is in need of additional care.
  • Time is reduced in identifying a problem for providing routine care.
  • HeartToHeart™'s system allows for all members of a patient's team to monitor progress including doctors, hospitals, nurses, family, etc.

Improving Cognitive Health

Support between office visits

Hope comes in the form of regular contact between the patient and clinicians and caregivers, all addressing progression via standards of care tailored to the patient’s needs. HeartToHeart provides the means for tracking conditions and allowing clinicians, care givers, and family to respond at the optimal times and in the most appropriate ways.

Patients are able to provide data about their condition through various methods on a regular basis and the HeartToHeart system analyzes that data according to standards set by the clinician. The clinical team is alerted to significant changes and can contact the patient or care giver to talk about the situation and recommend actions. The patient and care giver do not have to wait for an office visit to be assured that the clinical team is keeping an eye on their status and opportunities to make changes.


Effective‘365 Days of Care’


Patient Centered Approach
Care Management Process
Care coordinator is responsible for monitoring the health status of the enrolled patient and collaborate with the family care givers.
  • Assessment - Facilitates a comprehensive assessment of the individual's level of service need...
  • Coordinated Care Planning and Implementation - The Care-Coordinator ensures that the family care givers are up to date on the individual's health care needs...
  • Access to Information - Regular record of clinical record is available and up to date 24/7...
  • Monitoring - Allows tracking of medical alert and notifies family care providers as necessary...
  • Appropriate and Timely Intervention- Provides alerts, trends and actionable information...


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HeartToHeart™ addresses the deficiencies of the current healthcare system with a connected care network. We collect a person’s daily clinical and behavioral information by integrating wireless medical devices and other electronic means to make that information available to the person and to the relevant clinicians, researchers, and support communities in a collaborative environment. We provide a knowledge-driven technology platform for managing health over both distance and time.

Our platform translates complex medical knowledge and data from pervasive mobile technology into a personalized, intelligent patient experience, easily managed by doctors and clinics. The foundation of our platform is its analytic engine that tracks each patient throughout the course of a program and measures them according to standards of care. The result: targeted, engaging points for intervention that have a real impact on the patient, while generating a wealth of data for the provider and researcher.

Leadership Team


Abhi Ray
Chief Executive Officer

Abhi Ray – Chief Executive Office

Abhi has over 20 years of diverse experience in the development and implementation of information technology and has an in-depth understanding of healthcare processes. While working for Cerner, a multi-national company, Abhi demonstrated core competencies in design and development of healthcare solutions, data extraction and analysis. Abhi graduated with an MBA degree from Maryville University, St. Louis, holds an MS in Medical Informatics and a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA), from the University of Missouri, Columbia. In his current role, he conceptualizes, designs product, and leads the organization.


Dr. Stan Edlavitch
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Stan Edlavitch - Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Edlavitch has a PhD in Epidemiology, MS in Public Health, and MA in Mathematical Statistics. He is Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri School Of Medicine. His extensive experience in clinical research, and work with large scale studies for pharmaceutical companies is an asset to the organization. His focus is to define a systems approach to present vast amount of information in a distilled, and easily interpretable manner so that all parties can identify problems.


John Fitzpatrick
Vice President of Business Development

John Fitzpatrick - Vice President of Business Development

John has over 25 years of executive-level experience in healthcare technology companies. His accomplishments include conceiving, developing, negotiating, and closing solutions worldwide. He is responsible for developing and managing a holistic approach to client relationship so that the associated revenue stream translate into value for both the client and HeartToHeart™. John established Cerner Corporation’s presence, strategy, relationships, and branding in multiple world markets as an EHR-based, integrated, population health solution.


Dr. John Lewington
Vice President of Global Business

Dr. John Lewington Vice President of Global Business

John's business background is in technology-based marketing and stretches from General Motors in the UK to his long-running role as CEO of Datafax in the US. His career also includes significant academic postings, from Director of Management Studies at Harrow College in the UK to business school dean at Maryville University in the US. He is one of the pioneer of database marketing. John will be responsible for developing relationship in international markets particularly United Kingdom.


Dr. Atul Patel
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Atul Patel – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Patel is a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), with a focus on assessing and managing patients to optimize their function. He is board certified in PM&R, spinal cord medicine, neuromuscular medicine, brain injury medicine, and electrodiagnostic medicine. He is a researcher & physician specializing in adoption of technologies for therapies in physical medicine & rehabilitation. His focus is in the development and use of new technologies and therapies to improve the efficiency of care and optimize functional outcomes. He develops care protocol collaborating with other physicians passionate about using his medical knowledge and technical skills to enhance personalized medicine.

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